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Application to samples

Please fill in the required fields marked with an asterisk (*).

 * Full name of contact person: 
 * Position of contact person: 
 * Name of organization: 
 * City: 
 * Address of the company: 
 * Phone number with area code: 
 * E-mail: 
 * Segment: 
 * The name of the project: 
 * A very brief description of the project 
(no more than two sentences): 
 * The type of chip, its precise labeling 
with the type of housing, 
operating frequencies and voltages 
(only one chip): 
 * The number of samples, pieces. 
(no more than 5 pcs.): 

 * Date of the planned start of development 
(when needed samples): 
 * Planned date of completion of the development: 
 * The planned start date of the production: 
 * Expected number of chips 
for mass production of a year: 
 *  Your comments, remarks:   

1. Sample delivery time from the time the order confirmation can be from 2 to 12 weeks.
2. In one application, you can specify no more than one type of chips. If your project
    several types of chips are needed, you must complete a separate application
    for each chip type
3. Can not be left blank. If you have nothing to write in this column,
    write "no" or "do not have.".
4. Application is not fully completed, will be void.
5. Questions or comments you can send E-mail: support@nostris.com.ua

To order samples can also download the form (3.225 KB archive zip, from 17.04.08 y.),
fill it out and send to the E-mail: support@nostris.com.ua